Introducing Melabic

Diabetes and it’s complications can be treated and/or prevented safely without prescription drugs. If you have diabetes or any of the risk factors for diabetes or are just concerned about diabetes, you should start now with a natural treatment plan to reduce your risk. The active ingredients in Melabic have been clinically tested and have been shown to support healthy glucose levels.

Melabic has been shown to help
  • lower blood sugar and insulin levels
  • reduce cholesterol levels
  • reduce triglyceride levels
  • reduce blood pressure
  • improve energy
  • reduce risks of heart disease

Melabic is manufactured under strict FDA guidelines
and does not have any known side effects.

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The Complete Natural Everyday

Sugar Stabilizer

Melabic is a natural blood sugar stabilizer. The product is formulated with
9 natural ingredients that have shown in multiple studies to keep blood glucose levels under control. That means fewer and less severe blood sugar crashes, fewer health problems related to diabetes, and possibly even prevention if you’re prediabetic but not quite there yet.

Take Control of Your DIABETES

If you have problems with blood sugar levels, we are going to share some astounding news with you and show how people just like you keep their blood glucose levels under control.
We are not talking about one time relief...


The Completely Natural Everyday

Sugar Stabilizer

You really do have the power and can take your blood sugar levels in your hands forgetting about the awful damage it can cause in your body.


One supplement does everything and keeps you comfortable all day long. Plus, you can say “good bye” to dangerous side effects that so many medications are plagued with.


     Keep on reading to discover

               BUT FIRST


• Are You Over 45?

• Are You Overweight?

• Are You Related To Someone With Diabetes?

• Are You Active Less Than Three Times a Week?




You are not alone! Millions of people are suffering just like you. Are you done with feeling tired, lethargic, scared? We are about to share some spectacular news with you.


Do These Symptoms Sound Familiar To You?

Frequent Urination

Weight Loss

Lack of Energy

Excessive Thirst

And here's possibly the worst part:

Many Don't Understand

What You're Going Through.

They may even get annoyed with you because the sickness never seems to go away.


Over the years we have learned that traditional medicine does not have all the answers.

Until now, there have been a lot of prescription medications with troublesome or addicting side effects. Plus, there have been loads of individual supplements that give you decent results for diabetes.

Perhaps you’ve tried some and
gotten some “so-so” results.

Sometimes, the results you got were so subtle and insignificant what for a few moments you thought your symptoms had faded or, perhaps, had gone away on their own.

But, eventually, the symptoms return.

This is why what we are sharing with you is truly life changing.

Happy to report that finally there is a natural remedy for HIGH BLOOD SUGAR that really works.

It’s called...



It works fast.
Proven track record
And the price is completely reasonable.


This is a
major breakthrough

for people with Diabetes.

But chances are, you never heard of it. Because that's the way the big pharmaceutical companies want it even though Melabic has been helping thousands for over 8 years AND has the very important Health Canada Approval Certification.
Big pharmaceutical companies are big business, they spend over 30 billion dollars a year to advertise their products to the public and doctors. They have teams of sales people visiting doctors’ offices daily to make sure they keep pushing their pills and prescriptions.
We understand most people haven’t heard of Melabic. That’s the way the big drug companies want it.


But Let Me Assure You,
It Works!

We have received so many “thank you” letters it’s almost impossible to read them all.

When a diabetic 'crashes' it placed extra strain on your kidneys and almost destroys immune systems. Many people who are dependent on synthetic medication are unfortunately doubling the chances of dying from heart problems.

Here's the problem: Doctors are trained to tell their patients that diabetes can be managed by pills, shots and a change in diet. But guess what...all these drugs and diet changes also put a huge strain on the pancreas, until it can no longer operate properly. When that happens, the only thing that works is insulin. Insulin only damages your pancreas more. But the only thing that you can do is keep injecting more insulin, basically until a heart attack, stroke or major organ failure takes your life.

You could be headed for an early grave as a result of possible misinformation given by some doctors. Most times all that is needed is a few lifestyle changes.

But Be Assured...


You Can Have Lasting Relief.



Melabic helps hundreds of thousands overcome diabetes and high blood sugar with natural ingredients at a precisely dosed proprietary formula.


MELABIC is a powerful combination of natural flowers, barks, and herbs

created to replace very important lost nutrients your body needs to be healthy.

We know you have searched for answers only to get more confused with all the information found. Once understood the solution is obvious. First, you have to give your system a few months of TLC and replenish lost nutrients. Then, you add a couple of simple lifestyle changes, and you're done — no drugs, no diets!

Diabetes and the high blood sugar that causes it, is a lifestyle problem. No doubt about it. If you are constantly revving up your pancreas and making it run out of insulin, all you have is a guarantee that you will never, ever get better.

...The Feedback Is Always Incredible!

Our phone center gets people calling in to say “thank you” almost daily.


You will hear wonderful success stories in a few moments. The stories they share is why we love our jobs so much, Melabic has helped so many on their health journey.

We are hearing from people who have been battling Diabetes for more than 20 years.

People who were suffering from Diabetes are emailing to tell us that they are feeling better than ever.

Diabetes can affect the whole family in many ways. Many customers call to say thank you for giving them their lives back and lifting the burden off their loved ones.

We are hearing from many of our customers who halted their activities before taking Melabic. Now with stable blood sugar and feeling more confident they are back enjoying life.

I feel great. I have been on Melabic for years now and it has helped me not only keep my blood sugar in check but my energy levels have increased giving me a chance to do the things I love.

And they are all wondering about one big question –
How did they manage without Melabic until now?


So let me share something important with you…
The Key to Success Is Remembering To Take It Every Day.

If you have been dealing with increased thirst, unexplained weight loss, fatigue and irritability, It is strongly encouraged you try Melabic!


Of course, it comes with a 100%
money-back guarantee.


And if you’ve tried other products and you’re still miserable because of the high blood sugar, check out Melabic completely risk-free to see and feel the changes yourself.


Allow me to explain exactly how Melabic can transform your life so that you can...


Amazing Relief From Diabetes

Diabetes sometimes just leaps out at you. Your body might know what is going on but until your doctor sits you down and says "You have Diabetes" it can be a shock.
Life can change in an instant once you finally face the facts about your high blood sugar and insulin levels.

How can you make it go away?

Once you experience all the benefits of Melabic you will then realize you do not have to continue to suffer and that you do have a choice.


Now it is completely understandable you have probably tried a number of various remedies in the past to counter balance what is happening in your body. Perhaps you've tried some pills or capsules.


And yet none of them gave you piece of mind knowing how dangerous and toxic so many of the medications on the market are. This is where Melabic comes into the picture.


Just take it daily and pretty soon your body will be finally receiving the many nutrients it needs that it has been deprived of. You will be able to forget about so many harmful side effects diabetes can have on your life.

Melabic’s Six Part Quality Assurance

Gives You Relief

Before I share with you the ingredients of Melabic, I want you to become aware of some information the drug and supplement companies do not like made common knowledge.


Most people aren’t aware of it, but the ingredients of most vitamins and supplements today come from China. Even if the product says “Made in the USA”, the actual ingredients may come from China.


The reason this is important is because these products are produced with little or no supervision. You have no guarantee about the purity or quality of these ingredients. It’s like a game of Russian Roulette. Sooner or later, that gun is going to go off. And you don’t want it pointing at you when it happens.


Melabic is different.


None of our ingredients come from China. It’s your FIRST guarantee of quality. And we’re just getting started.

Nearly all our ingredients are either organic or pure.


We have a strict Quality Assurance Program that gives you peace of mind that you are getting the absolute best ingredients for your body.


This means you are getting a completely natural product in a plant-based capsule that is suitable for vegans.

Miracle Ingredient #1


One of Mother Nature's sweets to us.


Cinnamon has been documented for centuries as a healing herb.


Cinnamon supports healthy blood sugar levels as well as helps reduces your total cholesterol, particularly your bad LDL cholesterol and can help lower triglyceride fats.

Miracle Ingredient #2

Gymnema sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre is known as gur-mar, or "sugar destroyer." When gymnema leaf is placed directly on the tongue, it eliminates the sensation of sweetness, even if sugar is put in the mouth immediately following. When taken internally, it helps to control blood-sugar levels in diabetes. The leaves of Gymnema sylvestre perform two significant functions relative to diabetes. First, they suppress blood glucose, especially after eating. Secondly, they are insulinotropic and promote insulin secretion. By this two-pronged approach, Gymnema sylvestre proves a valuable aid in diabetes control.

Miracle Ingredient #3

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

ALA helps your cells' ability to turn sugar into energy and decreases the need for your body to make insulin. It also helps reduces HbA1c – a chemical that forms when sugar permanently attaches to your blood cells - helps protect against glycation – the most serious result of high blood sugar. How dangerous is glycation? Glycation destroys tissues in the kidney and retina, along with destroying insulin-producing beta cells. Glycation hardens your arteries and forms plaque, leading to high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.

Miracle Ingredient #4


Fenugreek is a tall annual herb that is native to the Mediterranean, Ukraine and India. The plant bears pods filled with numerous light brown, diamond-shaped seeds that possess a sweet maple aroma and are commonly used in cookery and flavouring.

Studies reveal that fenugreek helps regulate blood glucose. The glucose-regulating, antidiabetic properties of fenugreek seed are linked to a novel free amino acid, 4-hydroxyisoleucine. This compound stimulates insulin secretion, thereby limiting the extent to which blood glucose is elevated.

Miracle Ingredients #5, #6, #7

Zinc, Chromium and Biotin

Your body needs Zinc to make, move and use insulin. Zinc also protects your insulin producing cells. 

Chromium "unlocks the door" to energy-producing cells. Chromium is needed to process glucose, and boosts the enzyme that makes it possible for your liver to use glucose. Biotin regulates metabolism of carbohydrates and improves fasting blood sugar levels.

Miracle Ingredient #8

Banaba Leaf

Banaba leaves are a popular plant medicine in the Philippines. It's Corsolic Acid, and it's known as "natural plant insulin"! Dr. William V. Judy worked at Southwestern Institute of Biomedical Research in Bradenton, Florida. In 1999, he discovered that the banaba plant lowered blood sugar levels in all patients. And guess what? Not only is banaba good for lowering blood sugar – it has an interesting side-effect, too: it promotes weight loss.

Miracle Ingredient #9

Bitter Melon

Bitter melon is the common name for Momordica charantia, also known as African cucumber, balsam pear and bitter gourd. The plant is aptly named, as all parts of the plant, including the fruit, taste bitter. Widely sold in Asian groceries as a vegetable, bitter melon is employed as a folk remedy primarily for regulating blood sugar in cases of diabetes, as well as for colitis and dysentery, intestinal worms, jaundice and fevers. Current understanding of the phytochemicals in bitter melon suggests that these multiple uses are well founded.


People Just Don’t Understand...


When you have never had Diabetes, you just don’t know what it’s like.

When you can no longer do the things you enjoy or even function, life is frustrating when it is out of control.


Diabetes is especially bad because unless your lifestyle changes it may never go away.

AND usually it will only get worse and not better if you don't take action.






Imagine Your Life... 

Imagine not having to prick your finger all the time, not

having foot or eye problems and not having the stress

of diabetes 24/7 in everything you do.


All of this is possible if you take MELABIC everyday

replenishing lost essential nutrients your body is

desperately crying out for along with sensible eating

and activity.

Don't be surprised when you become one of our

wonderful success stories.


We won't be surprised if...

You can resume all the activities you love...











DIABETES doesn’t have to be
a life sentence

If you have diabetes, MELABIC can help you!

It could save you from years of suffering, hurt, and frustration.



From Other Products:

  • All-natural
  • Doctor Approved
  • You can safely take MELABIC every day
  • MELABIC helps Lower Blood Sugar & Insulin Levels
  • MELABIC promotes healthy weight loss
  • Melabic contains products used for centuries
  • Non-addicting
  • Contains the power of 9 Synergistic ingredients
  • Certified by the Government of Health Canada

Relief Through Your Entire Body

Are you ready to make your life easier?


Melabic helps hundreds of thousands overcome
diabetes and high blood sugar with natural ingredients
at a precisely dossed proprietary formula.


Instead of having 9 different bottles of products on your

counter, which can be very expensive, MELABIC has the

power punch of all nine combined.


Melabic has proven bionutrients to help you replenish

essential minerals in your body to function properly and

to keep you healthy.


MELABIC works on your entire body
at the same exact time
. It finds every place in your
body that needs relief and goes to work. And it will
keep working as long as you keep taking it every day.


 Here’s how MELABIC is Changing Lives:

Just to say l am thrilled at the results I am getting from Melabic. I am now able to get back to the sport I love as I have recovered from poor circulation in my calves that gave me great pain. With my sugar levels stable I feel I can exercise consistently with no pain. 

Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

 I’m so thankful I came across Melabic, I’d just been diagnosed with diabetes and my blood sugar levels were out of control.


I started taking Melabic and following your advice, since then I have dropped 20 pounds and my blood sugar levels have dropped by 60 points. 

Since being on Melabic for a little over a month, I must confess that this great product of yours has made a great difference to my health.


Just so you know my hemoglobin a1c had dropped 2 POINTS! Are you kidding me, I asked my Dr. that has never happened to me before! 

I have been a using Melabic for a year now from when my glucose readings were 250 and now hover around 95.


That has been a huge difference not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

I have been on Melabic for 1 week now and my glucose readings have gone from over 250 to 95 this morning if this keeps up, you know I ‘ ll be making a second order ,and saving money to boot. I am looking forward to the day I can say good bye to my insulin injections. Thanks so much!*

Just to say that I am already experiencing benefit from Melabic – my blood sugar levels were between 9 and 14.5 but are now down to below 7. Other changes are very noticeable loss of appetite and from time to time a need for a sugar supplement (a couple of small squares of chocolate does the trick).*

Although I’ve only been taking Melabic for a couple of weeks, I have mainly noticed a drastic drop in sugar cravings. This morning, my reading was 165, but was much higher before starting Melabic. ‘ve lost several pounds since taking Melabic, as well. I think Melabic has great potential and am glad I started with the program. Sincerely*

   If I hadn’t tried Melabic myself I would not have believed it. I was always feeling tired but now I feel like a new man. I take my three Melabic per day and follow your program and my sugar levels have stabilized. I don’t get the highs and the lows that kept me feeling off balance. Thank you so much – I feel on top of the world. I have introduced my neighbor to the product and she says she can tell the difference already. I highly recommend it. Thank you*

Since being on Melabic for a little over a month, i must confess that this great product of yours has made a great difference to my health. one month before i was to go to next dr’s i ordered my 1st order of Melabic. I started taking it as soon as I received it. Just so you know my hemoglobin a1c had dropped 2POINTS! are you kidding me, I asked my Dr. that has never happened to me before! Before my blood sugar as reading 250-276 and he was going to start me on insulin injections.. After 1 month my blood sugar is 100-160, and no longer am i going to need insulin injections. Thank you for helping me get my diabetes under control.*

I thank God I found your product. I am a 52 year old registered nurse and see the effects of type 2 diabetes EVERY day at work...for 31 years in the adults I take care of. My father has diabetes so the 4 of us "kids" were always somewhat scared of developing this disease. Well my biggest fear came true. On January 1, 2011 I started my 12 hr night shift with slightly blurred and hazy vision. I just knew then that this was telling me some bad news. I checked my blood sugar and it was 381. As I squinted and saw that number pop up on the screen my eyes welled up with tears. I calmed myself and when I later had a chance I googled....NATURAL CURES FOR DIABETES. !typed in 'cure' because I knew someone had to know more about this disease than the docs I work with. Very little has changed in diabetic treatment over the last 31 years...dwelling on giving more insulin instead of helping the insulin we already have to be effective. This mindset leaves minimal HOPE for us....until I read your story. The money back guarantee was the clincher for me. I bought some right away and started taking 2 pills 3 times a day because I am over 200 pounds. I am happy to report my glucose was 170 today. I watch what I eat without being obsessed. It hasn't even been a month yet. This IS SIGNIFICANT FOLKS! I am beating this curse with no pills and no insulin shots and feel to good about it. The peace of mind alone is worth the price. I tell everyone I meet about this product and will continue to do so.*

While I was a bit skeptical of Melabic, I ordered some, and received them promptly. I was amazed to see results in one day! By the third day, I had cut my insulin usage by 1/2. Two weeks later, I have dropped that by 1/2 .I had been using around 150 units per day, now I take 20 – 30 units per day , and my sugar counts are great! Most days I wake up @ under 100. Occasionally, 106 to 114.
I am exercising faithfully, and , at the age of 60, I am amazed at the muscle growth I am experiencing. I feel so much better, and have alot more energy , and endurance. I was almost hopeless over turning my life around but now I am enjoying life and work again. My cholesterol and triglycerides are plummeting. I am a sushi lover, and usually eat way too much. I quit going to the sushi place because my sugar would spike around 300. Today , I went back and overate again, but my sugar only hit 147 , 2 hours after my meal. By dinnertime it was 104 without taking any more insulin. Taking Melabic is the biggest change I have made. It has made all the difference in the world. Of course , I believe it requires proper diet and regular exercise to make it a complete system. Thank you again!*

I have been taking Melabic for about five weeks. I noticed within the first week that my blood sugar levels dropped.

The best part of that relief is the diabetic symptoms completely gone. Hooray for Melabic. My diabetes control is much better.

Yours Truly,


Are You Ready to Say Hello

To Complete Comfort?


No other Diabetes formula comes close.


It provides relief to all your diabetic symptoms.


You can feel better with Melabic!


Like thousands of others do.



Dr. Kosmides agrees and tells his patients....


You won't find anything like Melabic anywhere else - with the amazing track record, success stories and Government of Health Canada Approval.


You won’t find Melabic – or anything even like Melabic – in your drug store or natural foods store.



The only place you get Melabic is right here.



And let me just share that Melabic is a bargain compared to other choices.

Let’s Say You’ve Gone To Your Doctor
and the Dr. Tells You To Take A Prescription...

The Doctor tells you about the side effects that often occur including confusion, nausea, hunger, tiredness, perspiration, headache, heart palpitations, numbness around the mouth, tingling in the fingers, tremors, muscle weakness, blurred vision, cold temperature, excessive yawning, irritability, and loss of consciousness. Are you kidding, That is horrible!


You head to your pharmacy and find out that a dose of this prescription sells for over $300 in Target or $283 in CVS.


Or perhaps the Doctor prescribes something else, that will set you back $298 at CVS or $332 at your local Safeway.


Remember, these medications are sometimes things you may have to take everyday of your life if things don't change... so the $$'s really add up.


And, by the way, if these drugs don’t work for you, you’re just out of luck. You can’t go back to your pharmacy and ask for your money back.


But that’s not the case with Melabic.

We offer an unconditional money-back guarantee.




MELABIC Was Formulated

With YOU In Mind.


And that’s why our price of $39 is completely affordable.
It’s all-natural with no side effects.


Let’s Fast Forward 30 Days Into the Future...



You’ll wake up pain-free, fully recharged, energized, optimistic and excited for each new day.


Imagine a life without any diabetes symptoms.


But instead you felt full use of your body without any discomfort whatsoever!


Feel the warm embrace of a loved one such as a spouse, child or grandchild without any irritation.


Picture being able to fall asleep without any difficulty and stay asleep without awakening due to your pain. You’ll enjoy a full night’s sleep and awaken fully refreshed and break free from this vicious cycle.

Enjoy Increased Energy Because the Symptoms are GONE!


Just think about it. People are reporting that in less than a week they are:

  • Experiencing stabilized blood sugar readings
  • Improved energy
  • Healthy weightloss
  • Overall sense of relief


Now you can get your life back. Return to work and

have the energy to enjoy life to your full potential.


Lets remove all doubt from your mind.

Either MELABIC Works For You

Or You Shouldn’t Have to Pay For It.




Use Melabic as directed for 90 days. And if you
aren’t a believer, simply return the bottle – even
if it’s empty – and we’ll give you a complete refund.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Don’t Spend Another Day Suffering.


Order MELABIC Now.


Melabic Single Bottle


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MELABIC will have you feeling better FAST

6 More Reasons You'll Love MELABIC

Get All-Natural Relief


No prescription needed, and no harsh chemicals or known side effects. You can sleep well at night knowing you can trust what you're putting into your body.

Trusted by Doctors


Chiropractors and Doctors around the country who have found Melabic are already starting to recommend it to their patients.

Sleep Soundly at Night


When the pain, tingling and numbness are gone, you'll have no more sleepless nights! With Melabic you’ll wake up in the morning rested and filled with energy.


Do The Things You Love Again


Like Golf? Playing with your kids or grandkids? You CAN enjoy life again with Melabic.


Get Lasting Results 


Many Melabic users notice results in the first few days. However it is the valued long term customer who continually experiences changing results with Melabic.


Friendly Customer Support


Need a hand with ordering? Something not working? Whatever your question or concerns, our world-class customer support team is delighted to help you!